What’s coming up in September: blog posts & personal goals

What's coming up in September

Thank you to those who read Tuesday’s August recap. Today we look forward to the month ahead!

While there aren’t any crunchy leaves underfoot just yet, the evenings are getting darker and there’s an autumnal chill in the air… For some reason I get really excited at this time of year. And now it’s intensified by the fact that I’m going back to school!

The University of Reading more precisely. This month I will be significantly reducing my hours working at the Open University. And I will be starting my PhD at Reading! I haven’t quite got my head round it yet. I have a few introductory events scheduled; it’s all going to become quite real by the end of the month!

It does mean that I have more flexibility towards the middle of September to: get more reading done, write more blog posts and de-clutter the flat. Namely the office which will be getting more use!

On the blog

The blog posts coming out in September are as follows:

I will link to them here when they are published, but you can also subscribe to get them in your inbox. Just pop your email into the little box on the right!

Personal goals

Autumn makes me want to cuddle up with a blanket, a hot drink and all the books. But also I can feel the outdoors calling me: it’s a great time to enjoy the fresh autumn air. Bearing in mind those two “urges”, here are my goals for the month:

  • Read six books
  • Build up to running 40 minutes
  • Type up seven blog posts

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What are your plans for September? Are you going “back to school”? Have you stocked up on stationery anyway?

 What's coming up in September?
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