Three ways to get into the mood for autumn

I was born in the south of France and often describe myself as a “Mediterranean baby”. I love swimming in the sea, sitting outside a coffee shop, and most of all, that feeling of sunshine warming my skin.
Fast-forward 26 years and I’m living in the UK, where September ain’t all sunny, but rather quite drizzly and chilly. However, I’m slowly learning ways to celebrate and make the most of the colder months in the UK (i.e. most of the year).
Are the grey skies getting you down? Read on for some inspiration to get into the autumn mood and put a pep in your step!
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Learn something new

Even though the madness of back-to-school season is mostly behind us, for some it’s still “freshers week” (including yours truly!). Take inspiration from these nerve-wracking and/or exciting moments and make autumn a season of learning!
Is there a skill you’ve been wanting to pick up or a hobby you’ve been yearning to return to? Make time for it now! Watch the TED talk below and pay attention to what thoughts it inspires in you:

I’m aiming for 20 hours of drawing, though I could probably do with an extra push to get started! Please share what you’re going to try in the comments below. That way we can encourage each other and keep ourselves accountable!

Scare yourself

With the back-to-school phase almost over, shops are already filling up with all things orange and black. Whether or not you like Halloween (I do!), there’s something a bit spooky about the shorter days, the grey skies and the chill in the air.
Autumn is a great time to enjoy that rush of adrenaline and quickening of the pulse linked to (intentional) scares. You could read a scary novel, watch a horror movie or ride a rollercoaster for example.
I will be reading an eclectic mix of books: The Hound of the Baskervilles (the Kindle edition is free!), Watch MeParty Girls Die in Pearls, and A Discovery of Witches. I will also be watching a scary (but real) film called Land of Hope and Glory – the full film is available for free on YouTube.
Spooky autumn books
Do you have any Halloween-themed film recommendations that won’t make me afraid of being alone in the flat? If so, please share them in the comments section below!

Have some old-fashioned autumn fun

With the days getting shorter and colder, it’s very tempting to stay in and hide under a blanket. With the end of the year approaching (eek!) or new responsibilities starting, it can also seem like work is taking over everything else.
Now is a good time to pause and think of how you can inject a bit more life into your everyday! This could be planning to camp out amongst the changing trees, going to a fair, creating autumn-inspired crafts, baking things at home… The opportunities for autumnal fun are endless, but you are the one who needs to action them!
My birthday’s the 29th of November and I’m trying to figure out what to do to celebrate it (I like planning things in advance, okay?). I was thinking of going to a theme park, but now I’m unsure because of the cost. If you have any random / silly / fun ideas for birthday celebrations, please write them in the comments!

My seasonal goals

  • Finalise PhD research questions
  • Spend 20 hours drawing
  • Make some money from one of my “side hustles”
… All interspersed with a lot of reading and time spent in the beautiful outdoors of course!

Action points

  1. Pick up a hobby or a skill to dip (back) into. Watch the TED talk video above and spend a little time practicing your craft. Progress, not perfection, is what we’re aiming for here!
  2. Choose something spooky to watch or read at your local library, charity shop or on Amazon, Netflix etc.
  3. Schedule something fun into your calendar – yes schedule it – and follow through!
There you have it, a few ideas to enchant your autumn! Please share this post if you found it useful or entertaining, it would be much appreciated.
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