Looking forward to October: diving in & enjoying the ride!

Looking forward to October

Tuesday we looked back on September, today we look forward to what October will bring! For me, this means trying to enjoy the changing colours and the run-up to Halloween, while working six days most weeks. It’s only a temporary arrangement while my job as a research assistant overlaps with my new role as a PhD student. Nevertheless, scheduling in some fun bits is going to be key for me to hang on to what’s left of my sanity!Β πŸŽƒπŸ‘»β˜•

Last week one of my “upper-classmates”, was talking about the online courses she’s taking – on a topic slightly removed from her PhD. What she was saying about the microbiome was unfamiliar to me; one thing she said however did resonate strongly. She treats her online learning as a hobby. Despite it seeming like quite heavy material, she gets excited about it and wants to learn more!

This, along with a great podcast episode, was very helpful to me. I’m reframing two of the things I want to commit more time to – blogging and drawing – as fun creative outlets. Just that change of perspective makes me find more time for them and look forward to that time.

A pleasant change I made last month was transferring my workday “miracle morning” from the lounge to the office. I put a blanket there and created a cozy little space where I can snuggle while I read. It’s a lovely way to start a day of work when I’m not on campus. However, despite a few changes we’ve made to the layout of the room, our office remains quite cluttered. Seeing the mess stresses me out – in what should be my magic haven of research. That’s why this month I’m challenging myself to document that room’s transformation into a pretty and productive space.

Personal goals

πŸ“Β Send new research proposal to supervisors. I wrote my initial proposal when I was applying for PhDs earlier this year. It’s high time to re-explore what I had in mind for the next three years. Reading Development Theory and Practice alone has given me a new critical perspective on my initial ideas.

✏️ Draw for ten hours. Children seem to love to draw, but somewhere in the transition to adulthood self-doubt creeps in and we put our pencils down. Well I’m picking them back up this autumn! There’s a few projects on my list that involve a combination of entrepreneurial and creative skills. Committing time to (re)learn to draw will undoubtedly get my juices flowing!

πŸ’»Β Publish ten blog posts. Another thing I want to commit to is this blog. I have quite a few things I want to share with the world this upcoming month!

On the blog

It’s never been a better time to subscribe to blog! I will indeed be publishing the following posts:

⌨️ A series on becoming a blogger: 1) Creating your website, 2) Developing blogging habits, 3) Doing the research and creating your editorial calendar, 4) Blog post workflow

πŸ–οΈΒ A guide to making the most of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – part two (part one available here)

🍽️ Easy plant-based meals: three vegan lunch recipes (breakfast recipes available here)

🌱 Introduction to permaculture: where to find out how to best grow your own food

πŸ’Β Our office transformation: pictures and (possible) productivity gains

I’ll link to the posts when they come out, but if you want to make sure you get them – if you’re curious about becoming a blogger for instance – do make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to get all the posts as they come out.

Action points

🎨 Get excited about an old or new hobby. Treat it as fun time you are taking for yourself and feel more grateful for it!

πŸ‚Β Make time for some October-themed fun. Go alone or with a friend for a walk amongst the changing leaves – bonus points for wellies. Slow down a little and smell the pumpkin-spiced latte!

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Looking forward to October

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