I’m 27! So here’s my birthday bucket list

Birthday bucket list

I turned 27 a couple days ago. Between the realisation of getting older and often unmet expectations, birthdays can be quite bittersweet. That is why I’m putting a positive spin on this new chapter with a birthday bucket list! Read on for the 27 things I am going to do while I’m 27!

  1. Do some fieldwork in Brazil for my PhD
  2. Visit a country I haven’t been to before
  3. Complete all Portuguese and German skills on Duolingo (bonus: reach 100% fluency)
  4. Finish all Italian, German and Portuguese courses on Memrise (bonus: reach a point where I’ve reviewed all the words I’ve learnt)
  5. Order phrasebooks for each country I visit 
  6. Read a whole book in Portuguese (Any recommendations? Please share in the comments below!)
  7. Publish 27 blog posts – this is number one
  8. Interview someone / have a guest post on the blog
  9. Get to inbox zero: unsubscribing from too-frequent newsletters and decluttering my physical inbox
  10. Get my provisional driving licence
  11. Do 10 parkruns: 1) 02/12/17 (bonus: finish in under 30 minutes – done in 29:58 on 02/12/17!)
  12. Do a “fun” run, e.g. a Santa race or a colour run
  13. Try new exercise classes (I’m thinking zumba, Crossfit and some kind of Latin dance)
  14. Swim in the sea (or ocean… I’m not fussy!)
  15. Give scuba diving a try
  16. Go mini-golfing
  17. Climb a mountain
  18. Go camping
  19. Take a vegan cooking / baking class
  20. Make sushi at home
  21. Make a pizza from scratch
  22. Try something musical, e.g. buy an instrument and start learning, or join a choral group
  23. Take a drawing / painting / pottery class
  24. Finish reading 27 books
  25. Get to generation five on The Sims (… someone still has to be really cool and play it!)
  26. Buy a property with Rob
  27. Set a date for our wedding! More about our engagement can be found in the upcoming November recap!

What do you want to accomplish ahead of your next birthday or in the new year? Have you already completed any of the items on my birthday bucket list? If so, please share any advice in the comments below!

Writing a birthday bucket list

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    • Marion Comtet
    • 4th December 2017

    Really inspiring Jessica!! It motivates me to take back my own (that I sadly abandonned for bad reasons). Keep going and enjoy every moment that brings you to fill th boxes!

      • Jessica Goodenough
      • 5th December 2017

      Thank you Marion! Yes, please do revisit your own! And very good advice about enjoying every moment. 😊

  1. Reply

    Great idea! I will steal it and create my own list for 2018 🙂 I want to complete the Italian classes on Duolingo and am also hoping they will release Japanese. I’d love to hear more about the places you’re going to travel to!

      • Jessica Goodenough
      • 13th December 2017

      Hi Adriana, thank you very much for your kind comment! I’m hoping to go to Switzerland for the first time in January for a winter school, the rest is yet unwritten! Great ideas, please link to your full list if you do publish it on your blog. 🙂

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