Fuel your day: refreshing berries, carrot & greens smoothie

Here’s the second recipe in the fuel your day series: it’s another smoothie and it stems from the desire for something refreshing after experiencing post-Easter-chocolate-overdose-nausea! Read on for how to make this easy healthy smoothie…

Smoothie carrot berry greens


  • Half a cup’s worth of berries (around 125ml) – I buy frozen berries to be able to enjoy them year round
  • A carrot
  • A cup full of greens (250ml) – I’ve used spinach, floppy lettuce and spring greens so far
  • A teaspoon of flax seeds
  • A large glass of water

Add all the ingredients to your blender, blend for a minute and voilà… You have a healthy smoothie to have alongside your breakfast or snack. And you can tick off five servings from your Daily Dozen list!

Colours may vary from the picture above based on which berries and greens you use, but it will definitely feel refreshing and healthy! I’ve tested it several times and feel better each time for having it.

Please share tales and recipes of your “healthy restart” smoothie experiments in the comments below.

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